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Virginia Softball Training with MASA

Whether you play outfield, infield, pitcher, or catcher, you’ve come to the right place! MASA’s Virginia softball training sessions can be tailored to any position of the game. Team up with MASA and work
1-on-1 with a softball trainer that knows the ins-and-outs of the game and enjoys helping players of all ages better their skills. 


Before stepping up to the plate or mound in-person for your first session, you can expect to hear from a MASA softball trainer who will ask you more questions to get to know more about your playing experience, health and injury history, and your training goals. 


The first Virginia softball training session will be an overall assessment of your skills so a MASA softball trainer can get a better understanding of how to put together a customized training plan that’ll help improve and strengthen your skills. 


For field players, an assessment for you would include a run through of specific drills that look at your:


  • handling of grounders and fly balls 

  • accuracy and distance with throwing the ball 

  • speed and quickness with moving to the ball and running around the bases


For pitchers and catchers, your assessment would include drills that will help a MASA softball trainer better understand your: 


  • form on the mound or behind the plate 

  • throwing speed, consistency, and accuracy 

  • body positioning and placement 


After your first Virginia softball training session, you can expect a MASA trainer to set up an individualized training plan that’ll provide specific recommendations on drills to perform to help strengthen areas of improvement, achieve your training goals, and become a master in your softball position. 


MASA is invested in helping with your personal and athletic growth. The time spent 1-on-1 with a MASA softball trainer can help you receive the guidance you need to hit your performance out of the park every game. 


MASA currently offers Virginia softball training sessions at the following places: 

  • Lenny Harris Memorial Fields at Braddock Park (Alexandria)

  • Thomas Jefferson Fitness and Community Center (Arlington)

  • Windmill Hill Park (Alexandria)


All sessions run for 60-minutes. Book your session today! 


Not seeing your favorite Virginia location listed? Send us an email and let us know where you’re interested in training and we can arrange for it to happen where you prefer. 


*All MASA training sessions are in compliance with Virginia's COVID-19 guidelines. The trainer and trainee are required to wear masks during training and the trainer will wipe down all shared equipment with proper sanitization materials before and after each session.

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