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DC Sports Training with MASA

Here at Mid-Atlantic Sports Academy (MASA), we offer a variety of DC sports training opportunities. We currently offer 1-on-1 training for all ages for:


Where in DC do you offer sports training?

MASA’s current DC sports training locations are wherever the player would like to meet at.


If you have a preferred training location that’s not listed above, please email us and we can to work together on accommodating your preference. 


What can you expect in your first DC sports training session? 

The first scheduled session acts as an assessment, where a MASA trainer will run through basic drills to better understand your speed, agility, technique, reaction time, and strength. By assessing your performance, a MASA trainer will be able to make a training plan for you that aligns with your goals and desired level of play. 


How long does each session last? 

A session runs anywhere between 60-90 minutes. If you would like to schedule a session over 90 minutes, please email us. 


Who would be your trainer? 

MASA takes pride in having trainers who are continuous learners, constantly studying, practicing, and playing sports to deliver the most up-to-date knowledge and techniques in your DC sports training sessions. Every trainer specializes in a specific sport, or in some cases, multiple sports. To get to know more about MASA’s trainers for your specific sport, visit the Meet the MASA Trainers page

Where in DC does MASA offer sports training?


  • MASA works remotely to ensure that the client has the convenience to hold their sessions at the location of their choice. We do not own or operate at any specific facility. It is the client's responsibility to select the location they prefer to train at. Below is a list of locations that clients have chosen in the past. Availability is in no way guaranteed.


How do you get started with MASA? 

MASA is excited to create an experience that’ll help you grow on and off the field or court. To get started with DC sports training through MASA, book a session today!


If you have any additional questions, please contact MASA via email or phone at 301-215-2275. 


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