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Ball in Net
Maryland Futsal Training with MASA

Join in on the futsal craze! Futsal is one of the most popular soccer variations in the world. While it may have a similar look and feel to soccer, it has some differences. Here at MASA, our Maryland Futsal training sessions are taught by avid players and trainers of the game and they’re eager to show you the rules of the game and techniques needed to be successful on the court or turf. 

Once booking your first session 1-on-1 Maryland Futsal training session with MASA, a Futsal trainer will reach out to you inquiring more information about your current playing level, your desired training goals, and your health and injury history. 


The first training session will consist of an hour-long assessment so a MASA Futsal trainer can better understand how you currently: 


  • control the ball when dribbling up the field or receive  a pass either in air or on the ground 

  • step to the ball to get it in your possession

  • kick and throw (looking at potential ways to enhance accuracy or increase power and distance) 

  • shoot on net under pressure (breakaways and penalty kicks) 


Once the assessment is completed, a MASA Futsal trainer will make a customized training plan for you that will help create the training structure moving forward. The plan will highlight what areas to improve on, how to improve on said areas, and how often to train each week. 


MASA offers these sessions in both the English and Spanish language for all ages. MASA strives to be an inclusive, caring community where every player can learn and play the sport and have fun doing so.


Where in DC does MASA offer futsal training?


  • MASA works remotely to ensure that the client has the convenience to hold their sessions at the location of their choice. We do not own or operate at any specific facility. It is the client's responsibility to select the location they prefer to train at. Below is a list of locations that clients have chosen in the past. Availability is in no way guaranteed.


Book your session today 


Send us an email and let us know where you’re interested in training and we can arrange for it to happen where you prefer. 


*All MASA training sessions are in compliance with local COVID-19 guidelines. The trainer and trainee are required to wear face masks during training and the trainer will wipe down all shared equipment with proper sanitization materials before and after each session.

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