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Tennis Class
DC Tennis Training with MASA

MASA is here to “serve” you with Maryland tennis training sessions. Whether you’re just starting to pick up the racket and play or you’ve been playing for a while and want to bring up your tennis playing level score, MASA’s tennis trainers are here to support you in your personal and athletic growth. With best practices and techniques recommended by a MASA tennis trainer, you can take and apply this knowledge to a match and feel much more confident, comfortable, and powerful on the courts. 


Prior to your first session, you can expect to connect with your trainer who will inquire about your desired training goals, your playing experience and level, and your injury history to ensure all your needs are met from the start. Once all that information is collected, you’ll meet with your trainer in-person for your first scheduled session and go through an initial assessment so the trainer can create an personalized training plan for you. 


In the initial assessment, you can expect to run through drills that help a MASA tennis trainer better understand your: 


  • speed, agility, and quickness (SAQ) to see how you move around the court and get to the ball 

  • body positioning in response to particular shots such as serves, volleys, and smashes, to measure accuracy, power, and follow-through

  • hand-eye coordination and reaction time to see if timing is affecting your performance 

  • technique with serves, smashes, and volleys to ensure proper form is being used to prevent injury and enhance performance  


The first session sets the tone for the rest of your 1-on-1 Maryland tennis training sessions, with your trainer knowing what kind of drills and best practices can be included in each session to elevate your game. 


MASA is dedicated to instilling confidence, providing knowledge, and ensuring satisfaction in every training session. 


MASA currently offers Maryland tennis training sessions for all ages at the following locations: 

  • Location 1

  • Location 2

  • Location 3


Book your 60-minute session today and start working with a MASA tennis trainer on your skills. 


Not seeing your favorite Maryland location listed? Send us an email and let us know where you’re interested in training and we can arrange for it to happen where you prefer. 


*All MASA training sessions are following Maryland’s COVID-19 guidelines. The trainer and trainee are required to wear face masks during training and the trainer will wipe down all shared equipment before and after each session.

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