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Hitting the Ball
Maryland T-Ball Training with MASA

MASA’s 1-on-1 Maryland T-Ball training sessions are designed to teach the core fundamentals of the game and provide a positive introduction to baseball and softball. Think of each training session with MASA as a puzzle piece, with every piece being put together to achieve optimal player development. 


Before coming up to the tee, it’s important to note that once you book the first training session, a MASA T-Ball trainer will reach out to you, as the parent, to get additional information about your child’s playing level, interest in continuing the sport (playing softball or baseball), and injury and health history. 


The first Maryland T-Ball training session consists of an hour-long assessment that will further analyze your child’s:


  • batting stance and technique 

  • fielding ability with fly balls and grounders 

  • throwing speed, distance, and accuracy


Once a MASA T-Ball trainer runs through the assessment, a customized training plan will be created that can be used as a frame of reference in future sessions. The plan will include recommendations of areas of improvement and training frequency. 


MASA aims to provide information and demonstration of some of the top T-Ball practices so your child can feel confident in every at-bat, throw, catch, and run in the game. 


MASA currently offers Maryland T-Ball training sessions at the following places: 

  • Location #1 

  • Location #2

  • Location #3


Step onto the diamond with MASA and book a session today for your child! 


Not seeing your favorite Maryland location listed? Send us an email and let us know where you’re interested in training and we can arrange for it to happen where you prefer. 


*All MASA training sessions are in compliance with Maryland’s COVID-19 guidelines. The trainer and trainee are required to wear masks during training and the trainer will wipe down all shared equipment with proper sanitization materials before and after each session. 

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